Boutique real estate law firm based in Moscow

Transactional Work​

Structuring Transactions

We help our clients to properly structure transactions involving real estate properties so that the clients could achieve their business goals.


Deal schemes may include numerous legal structures such as:


  • asset acquisitions,

  • corporate acquisitions,

  • multi-jurisdictional transactions involving  off-shore corporate vehicles,

  • investment agreements,

  • forward purchases,

  • mezzanine financings,

  • mortgaged-backed loans.

Drafting and Negotiating Agreements

Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and drafting agreements (in both Russian and English languages) used in real estate transactions:


  • asset sale and purchase agreement (including forward purchase agreements),

  • real estate M&A agreements (share purshase agreement, shareholders agreements, joint venture agreememtns, put/call option agreements, etc.),

  • leases,

  • loan agreements (including mezzanine loans; credit facility agreements),

  • mortgage agreements,

  • investment agreements,

  • agreement on shared participateion in construction,

  • servitude agreements.

Closing and
Post-Closing Services

We help our clients to coordinate closing of their transactions (preparation for signing, preparation of the corporate approvals, checking fulfillment of the CP's, etc.) as well as to properly carry out post closing obligations of the parties.


We also can help in general contract management.

Coordination of Foreign Counsels 

 In Russia many real estate transactions include Cyprus and BVI corporate structures and our team often acts on such cross-border transactions.


We have strong working relationships with many professional legal and tax consultants in England, Cyprus, BVI, Holland and other jurisdictions.


We are familiar with commonly used foreign law structures and can effectively coordinate work of multijurisdictional teams of consultants.