Boutique real estate law firm based in Moscow


Legal Due Diligence



Your company plans to acquire a land plot, a building or a company owning some piece of real estate in Russia.

We will help you to properly identify and assess the legal risks attached.




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Transactional Work



Your company made a decision to buy, to sell or lease the real estate property.


We will help you to duly structure the transaction reflecting the results of the legal due diligence and to properly protect your commercial interests.




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Doing business in Russia you encountered with a legal problem which requires advice from a experienced real estate/corporate lawyes. 


We will be happy to help you to solve this problem.





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Dispute Resolution




You have a dispute with your commercial counterparty, a bank or state authorities on real estate, corporate or adsmistrative issues (such as mortgage foreclosure, non-fulfilment of the lease agreement, environmental fines, etc.) 


With our assistance you will find the most appropriate way to settle this dispute.





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Residential Conveyancing




You plan to acquire an elite apartment in Moscow or a house in a countryside near Moscow.


We will help you to make a title due diligence of the property, to agree the sophisticated sale-and-purchase contract and to close the deal.


We also can deal with your sale of elite property in Moscow region




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Sport Facilities and Related Legal Matters


We have a substantial experience in legal support of development and operation of sport facilities (football stadiums, recreation facilities, hockey arenas, etc.).

We also represent our clients in other sport-related legal matters (including legal disputes involving sportsmen).