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Legal Due Diligence

We help our clients to correctly indentify and assess the risks before they make business decisions. Our attorneys have a significant experience of preparing due diligence reports based on the business needs of our clients.

Corporate Risks

Our attorneys can carry out review of the corporate issues which may influence the property owned by the target company.


​As a part of this review we check:

  • registration status of the target companies,

  • foundation agreements,

  • management structure,

  • shareholders and corporate history,

  • encumbrances over the shares.

Title Check

As a part of the title check we review information from all publicly available registers and databases (State Property Cadastre, Unified State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions Therewith, etc.)


We also review the title history of the property checking the chain of title and scrutinize the previous transactions with the property in order to indetify all possible legal risks which may lead to challenging the title to the property.

Land Zoning and Town-Planning Issues

Almost any development project requires analysis of the land zoning and town planning issues which may influence its business viability.


We help to assess these issues by:

  • analyzing the title documents to the land plot,

  • obtaining information from the public registers and databases,

  • checking federal, regional and local town-planning rules applicable to the project.

Construction Issues

As a part of due diligence investigation we check the legally significant construction documentation including:


  • construction permits and approvals,

  • construction contracts,

  • as-built documentation,

  • commissioning permits,

  • operational documentation.